• Thomas Paolino

April 7th - Launch Day.

One thing that I can take away from a day like today, is something that time and time again has shown itself to hold firm to the integrity of the anchor of this moral value. . Just show up. 👊 . Getting to the gym, the mats, work, the meetings, to the things you want to do, or especially the things you don't want to do. . Just show up. 👊 . Things may not be perfect, sound check may not go perfect, may not may it to open mat early enough, may not have the best audio, guy from audio store sells you the wrong thing that you need. . Just show up, and keep moving forward.👊 . The show must go on. . Check out the result of what I believe is only the beginning to spearhead the way into the ears of many listeners; 🔊 . To translate a message from different understandings.🤙🏻🤙🏽🤙🏿 . To help us understand more about how one activity can bring people together and provide not only community and bond, but therapy and release in a world that simply lacks a practical answer to the basic needs of a human being. .


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